Welcome weary traveler. I see that you are fed up with the plugins and the constant bombardment of not having enough claim blocks. You can rest your legs in the Free Khanate of Asgard as we do not use the towny plugins for anything other than the "/t spawn" command. Our town is always trying to grow, and the only limits to our growth is determined by ourselves. We can rule the world or burn it all down. We act as a group and leave all decisions up to vote. Come join us. Come claim your destiny. Message "FatherSarcasm" on the OdinCraft Survival Server for more information on joining. The town is open; so, don't forget to join the town by using the command "/t join Khanate_of_Asgard" I hope to see you soon comrades. Our growth is up to you.

Town Rules Edit

  • Do not constantly kill the same person over and over unless in certain circumstances. (i.e. Someone who respawns and attempts to kill you over and over again.)
  • If you have a problem with someone, report it to someone you respect or deal with the problem yourself.
  • Say whatever you want, but try not to be too offensive.
  • Don't forget to give any or all suggestions to other members of the town. The only hierarchy you need to worry about is how you as an individual can grow.
  • Try not to grief unclaimed houses.
  • If you borrow something from a farm, be sure to replace the crop you took.
  • Try not to be too annoying and don't minge.
  • Try to leave the public roads alone unless given permission.
  • Enjoy YOUR gameplay. Build up our community, and we shall prosper.

Resident Benefits Edit

The Free Khanate of Asgard allows you to grow however you want. Do you want to be a mighty farmer? Claim as much land as you need. Do you want to be a PVP arena master? Build up your stages and rise. What you want to do defines what will happen. Make mighty castles, and destroy others. Your freedom is the only guarantee within this town.

Other Information Edit

The main biomes surrounding the Free Khanate of Asgard are: the desert, the plains, and the forest biomes.

For more information or any other questions reach out to "FatherSarcasm" on the official Discord or In-Game.

Town Ranks Information Edit

Our town will not use the pathetic plugin systems that force the free players of Minecraft into boxes of their choosing. Therefore, there are only two positions within our town. Khan and Citizen. Who you are, where you came from, and what your ambitions are mean nothing in the faces of your position. We shall hold elections and grow into a nation of conquerors.

Join our Discord and contact FatherSarcasm to Join

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