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The map of Muspelheim

Muspelheim is the realm of fire, and one of the nine worlds in the Norse mythology. It is the house of the undead, of which have resistance to fire. Differs with the Nether (or Hel as we call it in the server), there are presence of water and presence of the Mobs from the overworld (the Midgard).

The world is accessible by issuing one of these commands:

  • /warp muspelheim
  • /world (and selecting the Muspelheim icon)

Realm of the Undead

2019-06-26 01.16.56

Bolverkr - "The Evildoer"

Special mobs will spawn in some places. They drop special loots but have extraordinary strength, which may be deadly to be defeated.

Among the mobs that spawn in the realm:

  • Zombie (level 1-2)
  • Zombie Guard (level 3)
  • Blaze (level 1)
  • Skeleton (level 1-2)
  • Bolverkr
  • Legion of the Fallen (coming soon)
  • The Baphomet (coming soon)

Port of Heimr

2019-06-26 01.48.36

The Port of Heimr

Lord Odin, by his wisdom has established a settlement called the Port of Heimr, in the north of the realm. The place has been sealed by magic and is protected from the undead. This is the spawn point for players traveling from the overworld.


2019-06-26 01.35.15

The sun never rise in Muspelheim

“It is light and hot that region flames and burns so that those who do not belong to it cannot endure it”

– Snorri Sturluson

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