Rogue_Empire, the town that has everything! Edit

Town Rules Edit

  • Always be kind and respectful to staff and other members.
  • If you have a problem with someone, either keep it to yourself, or bring it up with the mayor, helper, or assistant.
  • Try to keep the swear words to a minimum.
  • Remember, suggestions are things we will consider, they may not be implemented. Do NOT push for something that we have declined.
  • Do not grief other residents' homes, or items.
  • No TNT.
  • Always replant when you use the farm or the orchard.
  • Do not enter others' bases without their prior permission.
  • Do not break any blocks that are outside of your plot without authorization.
  • Enjoy yourself, and help other to enjoy themselves. Overall, be kind to each other.

Resident Features Edit

Rogue_Empire has many great features that cater to its residents. These features include 4 spawner farms, a general crop and livestock farm, an arcade, resident plots, a community auto furnace, an orchard, a PVP Arena, and a mine that are all open for our residents to use! Our town also contains a massive storage system. This storage system is open for use by VIP+ ranked town members(the ranking system is below).

Other Features Edit

Other features that are near or in town include the BigNose Trading Hall, and 3 nearby villages.

Town Standing/Discord Edit

We are one of the largest and most active towns on the entire server and we try to keep everyone updated with town events, job listings, and give options to give suggestions for the town on our discord!

Resident Builds Edit

Resident builds are encouraged within their own plots, the only rules for building in your plot as a resident are that your build is appropriate, and does not violate any of the rules on the server.

Town Ranks Edit

Our town has a ranking system using the towny plugin, the ranks are Resident, VIP, Sheriff, Architect, Helper, Assistant, and Mayor.

These are our current Town staff:

-Mayor: RoguePinecone

-Assistant: Typyro

-Helper: Luke6575

-Architect: LaughingSadFlute, CodyTheBoss

-Sheriff: *HIRING*

-VIP: Wizard_Go

-Current Population: 14

Join our Discord and contact RoguePinecone to Join

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