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Use /warp crates to get to the crates

The Server Crates are located in the spawn. Alternatively, you can get to here using the warp command: /warp crates.

A Server Crate contains rewards (items, exp, op gears etc) that are obtainable through exchanging certain keys. Each of the crates will only be unlocked when you have the right key.

List of the crates


Content of the Vote crate

  • Vote crate - keys are obtainable from voting (by doing /vote and voting on the websites)
  • Common crate
  • Uncommon crate
  • Rare crate
  • Epic crate
  • Godly crate

Potential rewards

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Content of the Godly Crate

Rewards can be seen by right clicking on the crates.

Are we a pay-to-win server?

We would like to proudly inform all of our players that there are no way to obtain the keys by donating or purchasing using real money, but instead just the in-game money you can get from jobs (farming, mining, hunting etc), McMMO, trades, events and other in game activities. We are against any sort of pay-to-win.

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