About Survival

The server is a Quests / McMMO / Shops server with a unique touch of the Nordic mythology. Players can play typical survival minecraft, follow our custom quest line, or both! Easily generate income from selling items and doing Quests (given by NPCs). The currency is called Silver (or the Hacksilver) and has a steady value.

If you are looking for a semi-survival server with a stable economy and a lot of activities to do, then you might have found the right place.

The Spawn

2019-06-26 00.16.30

The survival spawn is where players will go upon connecting to the survival server for the first time, or when issuing the command "/spawn".

From here, you'll be able to access the Castle. The starting castle gives the very first quest to start our custom quest line. The castle also contains all base-shops for the server as well as some small side quests.


Travel through the 9 different worlds of Nordic mythology, do quests, collect keys, and save the worlds from devistation! Become the hero of the worlds you find by helping the NPCs with both main and side quests. Collect rare gear and items to defeat the bosses in each world!

For more info go to the Quests(coming soon) page.

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